July 26, 2010

Kristus Kut raised in april 2008 from the ashes of the electro punk band Abattoir Rouge. Was Abattoir Rouge camouflaging noise in danceable epic wild storms of energy, Kristus Kut left the path of structure and used that same energy to create improvised fields of sound.

inspired by the orishas and rituals of the vodou, cantomblé, santeria and lukumi Kristus Kut creates his walls of sound. working with bass guitars, bamboo, broomsticks, vocals and guitar effects every performance is a way to get in trance and meet the gods. every performance is unique and is dedicated to a certain god of the orisha panteon.

releases are dedicated to Oya, Oshun and Yemanya. change, sex, love and sex. new things can only start when the old is destroyed. the circle of life.

sex is important. to do what you want. loose yourself. pure drifts. loose the society morals. follow the instincts. during the orgasm you get into the divine

Kristus Kut played a lot of festivals like the Schlagtstrom festival Berlin, Spektro fest Istanbul, Betontegel Groningen, Hipp Hipp Hurray Antwerp, Kwark Eindhoven,  and been performing in Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium and of course many shows in the Netherlands..

Protected under a Creative Commons license.

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