Hackers in your mind: Belated issues

November 30, 2010

Dear friends of Lvcenti 14-Bis,

Issuing of many of our musician friends records and EP’S, just as Hyaena Fierling Reich’s mini album Rosa de Lobo, are, much against our will, belated due to grievous tech problems that happened in the Lvcenti 14-Bis office.

The main machine where the musical archives were stored was trusted to someone who proved to be a (very) false friend, who, while the staff was away, told to be “fixing and repairing” the machine to make it work better. Once the staff arrived the machine was found, sadly, totally blocked because this false friend maliciously and purpodetly accessed the BIOS, set a password of his own (probably even typing random letters to make it inaccessible) and consequently made any access to the archives impossible, all the while firmly stating it was all “a hacker’s fault”. Friends of Lvcenti 14-Bis who understand about computers and the fellows at the tech store all stated that, tried and true, no hacker in this world could do that and the only and sole responsible for that mishap was this very false friend to whom the machine was lent in total trust, something he abused criminally.

The machine being on the fritz, has been taken to tech support, where it is being presently taken care of. It should be up and running in one to three weeks, after which time Lvcenti 14-Bis will return to its activities. But this utterly evil deed from someone who declared himself be a “friend” left an indelible scar in whoever trusted him, and overall caused damage to Lvcenti 14-Bis, luckily not irreparable – thank the GAOTU.

In hopefully less than one month Lvcenti 14-Bis will be issuing again. Until then we apologize deeply to friend musicians waiting for their works to be issued, friends of this netlabel waiting for more music, and overall the general public.

If YOU, the responsible, are reading this and dare to comment, all you do WILL be sent to the Interpol and you WILL face consequences.

Never trust someone who affirms they “never fail”.

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